The London Olympics 2012 is just about to begin with lots of enjoyment and flavor to enjoy. While we also present some of the best facts and figure for fun and entertainment in this year Olympics. While one of the interesting facts which no one knows is that London is the only city till now who is going to witness the Modern Olympics for the 3rd Time. This is not just a matter of facts but its a sense of pride for all the United Kingdom.

Also another interesting fact of Modern Olympics is that now you will be able to watch the Olympics Live on your Smartphone itself with the help of Olympics Live Apps specially designed for Smartphone and Tablets. Along with these you can also watch out the complete Olympics with the help of Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter which will give you an awesome experience.

Also, based on the research done by us, we also found some of the best Interesting Places to enjoy in London apart from seeing the Olympics event. This is just another way to recreation and entertainment. And finally we also decided to bring you an awesome and complete Slideshow on Olympics infographics Presentations from our research.

So let us which Country you think would win the Olympics and also let us know which country you think would come into the top for Medals list along with saying us how you are going to watch out for this year Olympics.

Interesting Facts about London Olympics Sporting Events