You might now know but September Month is considered to be “National Life Insurance Awareness Month“. While most of the people thinks that its quite necessary to make up an Insurance for life, but many things its just waste of time and money. Almost 3 in 10 households remain uninsured throughout the year which also add up to the expense of the family.

Below is a statistic of people finding insurance to be vital

  • 70% of Women agree to Insurance
  • 62% of Men agree to Insurance

Insurance has always been one of the most important thing in our life. Not just this, this is also important and plays a vital role not just when we are living our life, but also is important even after our life. So one should always get an insurance for our life, because of a simple reason that its important.

Below is a vital information graphics on Life Insurance. Do checkout and let us know whether you have your insurance in place or not? Also if you haven’t done it yet, then we would recommend you to place it up now.

Is Life Insurance Necessary? How much you know about it?