Everyone uses packaging in the eCommerce industry, and Easter is a busy time for many retailers. There is a need to ensure that items sent out to consumers are delivered safely and efficiently by businesses in a timely manner.

This infographic looks at the typical gifts that people give one another at Easter, and how they should best be packaged by companies when distributing them to their customers. What items do you give loved ones at Easter time, and how would you choose to wrap them for your customers?

Looking at the top gifts given over the Easter period from the standard British Easter Egg through to traditional Easter baskets, there are facts shown on this infographic looking at each of the top 10 gifts, as well as packaging solutions for businesses when sending these items in the post.

This infographic is useful for any businesses sending Easter specific gifts and items in 2014, as it will provide them with insight into how to package these unusually shaped items. This information is also useful for the consumer market when sending the items to long distance relatives, but also to those who have home-based businesses and send out items on a regular basis.

The packaging specialists based in Derby are the creators of this visualization of Easter gifts. Their clients are often sending out items which require specialist packaging and cardboard boxes to fit the needs of the item to ensure that it arrives safely. They service small to medium enterprises, namely those with an E-commerce or delivery proposition who are looking to stock up on delivery packaging for the trading period running up to Easter.

Custom boxes can also be created by businesses from a branding perspective, but also for seasons such as Easter, designs can be chosen to suit. This will help differentiate them in the market from competitors. You can also see where in the World the different items are found, and some interesting facts about the distance they have to travel before being delivered to consumers.

Did you know, for example, that LEGO is the largest Tyre manufacturer in the World? Find out more facts like this within the following infographic.

How to land Easter Gifts hatch Safely?

Source: www.davpack.co.uk