The London Olympics 2012 is going to be one of the best awesome event in this entire world. While if you are one of the fantastic and enthusiastic guy to watch out for Olympics, then we bring you an awesome opportunity which will allow you to watch this event live in your home itself with the help of Smartphone and Tablet.

While this year Olympics is going to witness some of the drastic changes along with over 50 Events not to be live in London. Along with that there are some events where people are going to see the coverage on their iPad, among 13% of such people says this. While the rest are going to view with the help of their tabs via their smartphones. You can also watch out the events by just sitting in your home with the help of some cool apps listed out at Olympics Event Apps.

However, watching the event live your smartphone will also enable you to watch out with your family which will enable you to get more entertainment. Also you can find out which Country Deserves More Medals in this year Olympics by viewing this awesome information graphic.

And finally to all the Social Media addicts in this world, for them the event has more bigger surprise saying that the entire live coverage will be highlighted on various Social Media website which will allow users to view all the sporting action on their favorite PC and desktop. So let us know which event you like the most and which country you think would make it to the top of this year Olympics.

While, if you are Social Media addict which is a boon for the industry then you also have an option to connect yourself to the latest live updates from the Facebook as well with the latest live tweets from Twitter by using their Apps. Out of the total, over 31% of people are going to watch it with the help of Social Media.

London 2012 Olympics - Complete Sporting Detailed Guide

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