The World has now begun to catch up with the Olympic fever and its just the start today to watch out for the Opening Ceremony of the Official London Olympics 2012 on July 27th. Everyone is just excited about the event since its going to be one of the biggest and infact the best event of all times. Interestingly many people might not know, but lots of developers have already stared up to build some great apps on the occasion for Olympics event for both Android and iPhone.

Today’s infographic is all about the Medals tally, who is going to win how many and various such things. While every year China is the only country which goes to the top in almost every game and finally ending up to the top in the Medals tally as well. But this year, things are going to be interesting as many countries are optimized to produce the best results in all games.

Also, this year London Olympics is not going to Showcase 50 Sporting Events in their tally because of some problem. But still we emphasis you to have a great deal of fun and entertainment together with your friends and families. While this also brings a new opportunities for people who are looking forward to build up their career into sporting industry.

So get ready to enjoy yourself with the Olympics 2012 by watching every event live coverage as well as their highlights on Television. Do let us know which is your favorite sporting event for this year Olympics and which country is going to get more Medals Tally this time.

London Olympics 2012: An Inside Look at the Sports Medal