While love can indeed be one of the greatest things that can happen to anybody, it comes with its own sweet price. Falling in love will leave you dazed, undoubtedly, basking in the warmth of the affection showered upon you by your dear sweetheart, and it would definitely make your head dizzy with rushes of adrenaline as you fall deeper into a boundless sea of emotion.

But at the same time it will have you holding your breath as you go through the ups and downs that weave your love life, courtesy of being in a relationship. Take, for example, a simple game of classic Chutes and Ladders. One minute you’d be jumping the ladders of commitment with your one true sweetheart, cherishing every moment of your journey, while the next may find you stumbling upon a tricky chute that can provide enough jolts to your relationship to cause irreparable damage.

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For the one we love, we’re willing to do more than just go the extra mile. No height is high enough and no low is low enough when it comes to love. Be it in the form of trust issues, misunderstandings, or what not, these chutes are a part of every couple’s journey as they head further into a relationship, often deciding the ultimate fate of the couple. While some may be shook by the experience and decide to go their separate ways, true love always finds a way to defeat the problem and proceed to bloom in its full glory. Therefore in the end it only boils down to how deep a connection the involved couple has that helps two people in love survive such ordeals interrupting their otherwise smooth journey towards the highest bounds of love.

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It is always the most faithful of lovers who go on far enough to watch their love bearing its sweet fruit. Love isn’t an easy game to play for most people, and only the ones who have true strength can make it till the end. Sometimes chutes can come out of nowhere, other times a brilliant ladder can surprise us. Either way: true love wins at the end.

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