One of the fantastic book i have ever read in my life. The book starts with a story on unknown person, Ishaan where he tries to find out answers which most of us are actually trying to find out. Yes, you are correct, with having his own freelancing business, he is also trying to find out the purpose of life and where is his life heading towards. I think in life, everyone should fall apart and try to locate these answers as they are our actual dreams and destiny towards life.

Moving ahead with the book, he finds a girl on Facebook, Anjali. Guess then what? Ofcourse you are right, the Love story Begins and continues. Facebook chats are always the starting point of modern day love and romance, as it continued the same over to the Phone call as well. One of the most and extreme romantic moment comes into the book when the guy meets the girl for the 1st time in his life, despite knowing she is from another city.

The story continues as their love becomes more stronger day by day. But then suddenly the test came in their life in form of their Engagement & Marriage. This is a real test for all the couples and lovers who want to live together in their life. But did Anjali and Ishaan passed the Test? Are they living together now? Just as we see in TV and movies, people meet at the end, did the same happen with both of them?

One of the best thing which the author has done in this book is that he has attempted to give you excitement in almost every page of the book. This is an extraordinary book which not just entertain you but would also give you a deep and inside meaning behind the book. With the help of his emotions, he tries to give the world, a message which is worth 1000 times seeing a motivational movie.

Loved Lost & Lived Book Review

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