With the right knowledge and tools, we can now setup a successful email funnel using videos. But how is that possible? How does it work? How can we assure efficiency?

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Think about a board game: There are certain levels we must pass through to finish the game, correct? Email marketing is just like that. We need to pass through other levels so we can win the game. It’s hard if you don’t know what to do—the strategies to use in the game. Here are some facts to uncloud your confusion:

1. Make sure you have permission

If you have read Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, you’ve probably learned permission marketing, which means offering the consumers a choice whether or not they want to be subjected to marketing. This idea is the opposite of the traditional interruption marketing.

The question is, “Can we apply permission marketing in building email list using videos?” Yes, of course. Same way with offering a product, don’t force your audience to signup. Nobody likes that. Let them decide if they want to give their emails or not. So what do you think would make them trust you?

Simple. Offer them something free. Offer them something useful. Offer free videos. This way, you’ll know who are really interested or not. Those who sign up to watch your free videos, somehow, believes in you or at least find you interesting.

2. Don’t forget the follow-up email

Congratulations if they sign up. That’s good news. The next step is to follow up. Say thank you. Appreciate them for trusting your content. Or you can also gather their opinions about your free videos. Know what they don’t like, or the things they like. Don’t forget to include relevant information about what you’re offering and how it can help them. Lastly, assure them that they’re on the right spot. Just don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.

3. Be consistent. Do what you say

As they say, once trust is broken, it’s hard to regain it. That’s true in every relationship, including your relationship with your audience. If you promise to deliver content every day, make sure you do it. If it’s 3 times a week, make them happen. Otherwise, they may lose trust in you eventually. In other cases, if you only promise one content a week, then don’t send two or more.

4. Use an effective strategy

This could be a one way shot. So make the most of it. Here’s how it works: Offer them a free video so they will sign up. Once they sign up, email them a “thank you” note (something like that). Then, wait for one day before sending another email with a link to next video. This time they’ve become part of your tribe. Once they watch your second free video, that means, they could be your potential buyers (not just any audience). And to make things more interesting, send them your final free video via email. Your final video must be good enough to leave an impression or convince them they need your product or service.

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As you see, the three free videos are given for a reason. You can tell a story to engage your audience. Or, anything you want to make stay them at bay. The point is to keep them wanting more. So don’t take it for granted. Do what you promise. Don’t break their trust.

How to Make a Successful Email Funnel Using Videos?