You might be wondering what this Title means. But it’s the fact of today. While many of us might not know this but this has become a good security point to talk on. Most of the time when we just download any kind of Apps from the Google Play or Android Market, it always prompt to give permission to access the device, and most people including us, actually don’t pay attention to it and simply go ahead to download the app.

However, this is just equal to a Bad idea of giving the entire access of your Phone contents to the app which could lead to possible data theft, spam, malware and what not! According to the Research done by us, found us a good evidence that an average Android app always asks for 124 different types of permissions. While we have also found one shocking fact that almost 33% of the App asks for more permissions than the actual required.

Just for an instance to show, we have given you a good example below

Say like, An app is asking request to your USB Storage Device, but in reality is asks for! “Can it modify or delete your USB storage”. Now the question is, why it would want to do such a thing?

Yet most people just simply click on the “download” button and pushes off the app into their list. While another research has also found out that about 83% of the android users actually pay attention while installing the app with regards to Permission from the Popular Tools.

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Mobile Apps Permission - Find out what Your Apps are doing at 2 AM?