Blogging has been one of the most brilliant hobby for all the emerging entrepreneur. As far as business is considered, Blogging is always considered to be one of the best tool to reach out to your potential customers. While you might not wonder, but most of the Search Results from the Search Engine are because of bloggers.

This is one of the most excellent reason why we also choose to blog on variety of Niche including Technology, makes us feel proud everyday. Also one of the most interesting thing you might note in Blogging is that there are wide variety of Niche available to choose, so it doesn’t matter whether you choose to Health or Gadget or Tech or whatever it might be, you can start your blogging career right from here. Also you might want to check Crunchynow which started by us when we started our blogging career, so this website will surely help you a lot in your long run with the Blogging.

Some of the Developers hosted Blogging Platform includes

  • Tumblr
  • Typepad
  • Blogger

Some of the Open Source Blogging Platform includes

  • WordPress
  • Movable
  • Drupal
  • Live Journal

While you might also get excited with the following demographics on what Blogging platform the top most 100 Blogs are hosted on.

27%  on WordPress

16%  on Typepad

14%  on Blogsmith

12%  on Movable

8%  on Gawker

4%  on Drupal

8%  on Custom

11%  on Others

So on Which Platform you Blog is hosted on? Do Share us the variety of Niche on which you are Blogging into with us in the commenting section.

Most Popular Blogging Platforms and Top Blogs Compared [Infographic]