A famous author has said “Time is everything”, therefore everything needs to be done within an appropriate time period. Those who doesn’t respect time, then even time doesn’t support and respect them in their downfall. Timing is always important to do anything in this world. With respect to blogging, one of the main element which could give you thousands of visitors online at the same time is by publishing post at the right time.

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The major key element of getting success in blogging is to know the best time to publish blog post and get bunch of good visitors online and interaction from all your readers. The following information graphic provides lot of insights on timing and publish of blog posts, however the stats and analytics vary from blogs to blogs according to their niche and time zones. Also Research has shown that blogs on WordPress gets more authority than on others, and this is one of the main reason why WordPress has CMS crown from Drupal and Joomla

If you are a blogger, then you might be knowing about most popular blogging platform comparison between various blogs which is also an important factor for visitors to stay on your blog. This is one of the main reason why we have also shared WordPress.com Or WordPress.Org! differentiation to choose for bloggers.

You can also read How to create killer content blog post which is also an addon factor for most visitors to stay online on your webblog. While, the best thing to do here is to experiment daily with timings and find out what work best for your niche. All of the following statistics are presented in Easter Time (EST). This is just one step to become internet millionaire, go ahead and watch out for your timing and get lots of success in blogging.

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