Packaging supplies company has teamed up with leading children’s charity The Children’s Society to produce and market a special range of charity packaging. Sales of the range will raise much needed funds, which will help The Children’s Society in its important work fighting childhood poverty and neglect in the UK.

The range includes some of the biggest selling single and double wall cardboard boxes, postal boxes and grey polythene mailing bags, with each box worth 3p to the charity and each bag ½p. That means that the sale of a single pack of boxes could raise up to £1.50, while a single pack of mailing bags could be worth £5 to The Children’s Society.

Mail order shopping is becoming increasingly popular, mainly thanks to faster broadband speeds and more sophisticated online security, which means that more and more postal packaging is required to ensure deliveries reach their destinations safely.

As one of the country’s leading mail order packaging suppliers, We have the biggest range of in-stock cardboard and postal boxes available online in the UK, and in the next few months, sales of those postal packaging products in particular are expected to rocket, as Christmas shoppers take advantage of low prices and fast delivery times to buy their gifts from the comfort of their own homes rather than a busy, cold and crowded high street.

We believes its customers will quickly warm to the idea of using charity packaging to dispatch those goods in, in much the same way that we have all embraced the concept of charity Christmas cards over the years. And with the charity range being available at the same cost as their standard equivalents, there’s no premium price to pay either – just the knowledge that their use is helping someone less fortunate at Christmas.

In fact, the only difference is that each box or bag has been printed with a small message explaining to whoever receives it that their purchase has raised money for The Children’s Society.

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