Oktoberfest is officially the most fun you can have with silly clothes on! The next day you wonder what the hell happened but you can’t help remembering the amount you laughed.

The actual festival grounds are free to go into and it really is best described as a fair, similar to the ones you get in the UK with fair rides, candy floss, silly hats but this is just on a whole new level. The atmosphere immediately brings a smile to your face, this really is just a celebration and you will have never seen so many people having so much fun.

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Upon entrance of one of the tents it seems like everyone else is several levels and decibels above you, but with a giant stein container of beer in hand and some giant pretzel in your stomach it is not long before you have joined their ranks. The recipe is quite simple, you dress in lederhosen, albeit a fake version, you get a put on long table with massive glasses filled with beer, you stand among a band in the middle of the tent that sings not just traditional German songs but all sorts (one that sticks out was Bon Jovi – Living On a Prayer), you clash mugs, you high five, clash mugs, drink, shout and sing; until finally you are winding through the crowds at night into a taxi and it’s over…

Here are our top facts about last year’s 16-day glass-gulping, weiner-biting, table dancing beer extravaganza ; let’s raise our steins to having an even merrier time in 2012. Prost!

Oktoberfest Munich - Unlimited Fun to Explore

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