On 31st March 2014 the Royal Mail postal rates are changing. The exciting news is that organizations that frank their mail will actually pay less for postage, so meter users will have a greater opportunity to maximize their postal budget.

When it comes to posting letters, a few things have changed, providing more opportunities to save money. Firstly you can utilize the built in scale on your franking machine to weigh each piece of mail and avoid over stamping. There are no piece minimums, no reports to complete, and no preparation requirement

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You can also now weigh, print and label your parcels, choosing many different delivery types through your Pitney Bowes meter. Choose anything from second class standard delivery to fully tracked and insured special delivery. Again there are no piece minimums and a simple selection process that makes it easy.

There are also additional benefits available through Mailmark, such as price reductions and increased analytics capabilities so you can tell exactly where your postal budget is being spent. Increase the efficiency of your budget by analyzing which department is spending the most on which services, and assess the alternative options.

After the Royal Mail rate change, the price of franking a first class letter will be 50p, and a second class letter will cost 16p less than before.

The Royal Mail recognizes the efficiency of using franking meters, as they make it easier for the Royal Mail to process and deliver your mail. Franking meters also benefit the customer, saving you time and money, and giving your communications a more professional look.

This infographic from Pitney Bowes explains where the discounts can be made, as well as how to update your franking meter to make the most of these discounts. You can also find out what Mailmark is and how you can improve your business efficiency with a franking machine.

Franking machine customers automatically qualify for these discounts, so make sure you update your equipment to the new rate today.

Pay Less for Postage - Royal Mail's 2014 Rate Change

Source: www.pitneybowes.co.uk