When you think of the term: America’s Favorite Power Tool, what comes to mind? Most Americans agree that the power drill is by far the most powerful. Chances are, they are in almost every household in the country. My marketing department wanted to put together a fun information graphic on facts related to the power drill.

Our company sells replacement parts for almost anything, so we aren’t trying to sell you tools or anything. Our main goal was to design a fun graphic to share with anyone interested. At first we were intimidated because this was the first time we have tried anything like this.  After a little bit of brainstorming we took off.

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The research we did only took a little bit of time, but all of the hilarious and shocking facts we discovered caused us a lot of excitement and motivation. Who knew that so many people were injured a year from a power drill, or how long ago humans used certain tools to drill holes into things. I’m sure everyone has some kind of interesting memory of using this tool. Or even the certain smells and textures that come to you when you first pull that drill out of the tool box.

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If you like fun facts about the drill and would like to share the info graphic, then feel free. Whether you are the type of person that constantly has their hands on a tool, fixing things yourself , or even if you don’t consider yourself much of a do it yourselfer at all, chances are at some point in your life you’ve used a power drill.

Power Drill - Evolution & Why its America's Favorite Tool

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