All good things come to an end… So does the “Mad Men” – a world-known American TV series which takes place in the late 1960s ad agencies. Its final episode is going to be released in May 2015 and many of us can’t wait for it simply because we’re curious how it ends. But the rest of us, those most fervent and passionate fans, will find ourselves on the verge of tears on this day!

Of course, you shouldn’t be ashamed – it’s obvious that after over 7 years of watching this engaging series you’ve developed a strong feeling of emotional attachment. And maybe (on the way) you have also become interested in the topic of ad agencies? It’s not surprising that popular TV series initiate new trends and fascination as people go crazy about things which earlier weren’t so familiar to the bigger audience. And we can observe the same phenomenon with “Mad Men”.

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As a result of “Mad Men” madness we’re facing the increasing interest in ad agencies’ world. And this interest brings you here. How does it refer to us – who are we and what’s it all about? We’re familiar with the world of “Mad Men” and we know it not only from TV series. We are a part of the advertising world ourselves and we’re aware how it really works. As a result, on the occasion of the new year, we decided to conduct a meticulous survey which involved people who work in creative business.

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We talked to CEOs, Art Directors, Producers and Account Managers from all over the world, including New York, Miami, London, Berlin, Rome, Sydney and many more. Our research met with the enthusiasm of our respondents that exceeded our expectations. Not only did the great leaders from big ad agencies revealed many intriguing details about the advertising business, but they also proved that nobody’s perfect! And most of them have quite similar problems to Don Draper’s issues.

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If you want to explore the real ad agency’s world with us and get more information about the background of “Mad Men”, come join our blog and see our infographic, which is a graphical summary of our survey!

The real truth about Ad Agencies