In the last two months, there has been great stories from the world of tech on the launch of Microsoft Windows 8. While, Microsoft has been able to launch it very well, the next generation Windows OS, to be named as Windows 8, consisting of 4 different variations including Windows 8, Windows 8 PRO, Windows RT (Windows on ARM or WOA), and Windows 8 Enterprise.

Its also official now, that Windows 8 is going to have more languages as compared to the previous version, along with a specific language for Chinese people alone. While, these are just some of the minor changes, there has also been some of the huge changes in comparison to performance and scalability wise, pertaining to make Windows 8 more powerful and more usable by everyone.

So we decided to put an infographic on the improvement done on Windows 8 from the previous windows 7. While, its hard to choose Windows 8 even now, but having heard that Windows 8 consist of Cloud Storage along with its own Market App for better performance, makes us realize that how big actually is Microsoft and far away from Apple.

So what would you do suggest to buy or not to buy Windows 8? Do share your thoughts on Windows 8 features and what you like the most in it with us in the commenting section.

Reasons: Why you should Buy Microsoft Windows 8 [Infographic]