Do you Miss your School days? School has always been one of the most fantastic moments of our life. I still remember the days when i use to enjoy those days with my friends and everything was just awesome. While, i still hate doing the routine homework and tests everyday. But at the end of the day, everything was just wonderful and fantastic everyday.

However, still remember teachers and staffs who use to give us lots of homework provided helped us in all possible ways towards our studies for our better future. We always go on time to school to meet all our friends and finally comes back home with great refreshment of enjoyment and fun. Those days were really awesome and with so much fun that we really miss those days including some Tips on Proposing Girls.

We took a good step in recollecting all the past memories of our school days and find your present to be as exact as was your past. While there has lot of been changes in the present teenagers as compared to the traditional teenagers, we have also made a comparison of Modern Teens with Traditional teens.

Day were really fun out when my School Girls always acted smart, but they are certainly not! Take a minutes to enjoy this survey which we created out for fun to enjoy our school days. Also let us know what you think about your school days in enjoying with your friends all the day.

Refreshing Past - Back to School! Why School was always Heaven