Love has its own conditions and stages. It comes to people who they doesn’t need and leave out when they need it the most. While many a times, people always criticize love and says its really very painful for everyone. Although, i understand the fact that those who have experience a heartbreak in their life always have this thinking. But wait! today i am going to show you something exciting and really special stuffs about love and relationship.

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I have heard many number of times till now that “love hurts”, but it actually doesn’t. Yes, i repeat it, Love doesn’t hurt at all. I have personally witnessed many of these stuffs in my life and i can surely tell that love doesn’t hurt, infact people in love hurt.

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If you are in love, then you should definitely worth checking out how girls want boys to propose. Below are some of the interesting facts who would definitely make you agree how sometimes love can be your greatest asset.

  • People having good relationship live longer
  • Love helps in faster blood circulations
  • Love keeps you healthy and long living

While these are some of the most important factors of Love and relationship, you can also checkout more at the following information graphic below.

Relationships & Marriage affecting Health, Happiness and Finance

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