Being successful in the retail sector is all about adapting quickly to suit the ever changing retail landscape. This infographic created and Published at All Infographics the retail market in countries across the globe, giving a great insight into where to focus retail efforts both now and in the future.

Collated using information sourced from the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI), this visually appealing infographic relays key information regarding local trends, economic conditions, future developments and succeeding brands in an easily digestible way.

With no surprise, Brazil ranks number one for retail development potential in the GRDI Index. With its expanding middle class, continued political stability and expected 11% retail spending growth, it’s easy to see why. Set to host the up and coming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, Brazil is expected to continue its retail dominance way into the future.

Although Brazil is prevailing, the other BRICK countries seem to be hitting a brick wall. Russia has seen an overall spending slowdown, while India has fallen 9 places since last year’s index and china as similar to has been subject to decreasing expenditure.

Honing in on the BRICK countries has been a lingering trend over the past few years, with many brands being extremely successful having implemented this strategy. But it may be time to start looking further afield.

Some unexpected countries have started to move up the GRDI ranks. Sub-Saharan Africa is showing huge potential for retail growth with its highly populated cities and growth of the shopping mall concept. Mongolia, Georgia, Armenia, Uruguay and Columbia are all proving to be hidden gems in the retail landscape, showing huge potential, and for those situation in the homeware sector Sri Lanka is looking like a diamond in the rough.