Would You Believe it? But its true and real. Google+ Plus is indeed losing its Social Network as against its competitor Facebook and Twitter. Off Course, we firmly believe that Google+ Plus is not just a Social Networking site, but infact much more than that. But seeing its popularity and user engagement in the past years have really made us to reveal the secret Research done by us and termed it as “RIP” finally.

While, the most interesting thing which Google+ Plus has done is by making all business to Move and use Google+ Plus for better Search Engine Ranking. While this could not be longer in support since Facebook is also coming up huge changes in its User Engagement, which are always more to beat the upcoming Social Networking’s. There has also been Comparison of Google+ with Facebook on where you need to put more focus to get more user activities.

However, one of the best reason why Facebook is still at the top is because it gives Business Brand Booster to all kinds of companies whether big or small. But while this is one of its strongest points, still rumors are coming up of Facebook Slipping Down tremendously with every day stats.

Interestingly, the Social Media would just go on and on with more and more new feature and new advancements in technologies. So what would you say for Google+, will it stay for more or its time for its ending.

RIP Google+ Plus - What would it mean to Social Media World

Source: visual.ly