With the UK being one of the top destinations to start up a new business, we create an infographic based on the rise and fall of SMEs.

The construction industry reached its highest net foreign direct investment in 2012, with the major construction planning for the Olympics the industry received an outstanding £1billion. From the survival rates, construction has declined from 142 businesses in 2005 to 131 in 2014.

With the increase of niche foods and the focus on the foods consumed, the turnover for the food industry from years 2009-2010 has now repeated for 2014-2015.

The IT industry on the other hand has been steadily rising with a number of 333 SMEs per year, with the change and increase in IT compliances survival rates within this industry may start becoming competitive.

Although recession hit finance in 2008, the employment rose quite quickly during 2009 – 2011 in enterprises, finance now has more than doubled with 2,070 births of SMEs in 2014.

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The electronics industry has seen a huge increase of revenue in enterprises with an average turnover of £50,887. Turnover has stayed above £2million like most enterprises since 2006.

The science SMEs have had an outstanding increase of revenue rising to £3,338m over the last 20 years. In 2014 the gap difference in births and deaths of this industry was at its biggest with births of businesses nearly hitting 800 and deaths just above 400.

Industries such as: computers, IT, science, finance, food and construction are creating more and more businesses. With 12 businesses being successful for every 10 businesses that fail, more SMEs have increased with an annual turnover figure of £19,552 per enterprise!

Company Debt has presented this infographic to identify the success and failures specific industries have faced throughout the past 20 years, focusing on: Business Demography, 2009 SME Survival Rate, Turnover per Enterprise, Net Foreign Direct Investment and Business Survival Rates.

The Rise and Fall of SME Industry over the last 20 years