Planning to hit the couch and watch a feel good Romantic Comedy movie tonight? But there are just too many of them like 50 first dates, 27 dresses, What’s your number etc that it’s hard to decide what to watch. Let us help you decide which one is best for you. Whether you’ll be watching alone or with your special someone, here’s a short quiz to help you determine which romcom should you watch according to your romantic statuses. Enjoy and have a great time watching a movie that can make you cry and laugh at the same time. Brought to you by contemporary romance author Roxy Jewell.

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What is a romantic comedy movie though? A romantic comedy or RomCom as it is called, is a type of movie that blends romance and humor perfectly. In these modern times where action movies, superhero movies or even horror movies are getting blockbuster attention. RomCom movies are the ones that really stick to the memories of moviegoers.

It may not get as much blockbuster attention but trust me when we say that it would be the type of movie everyone would have on their DVD collection ad the type of movie to get the most TV showing over time. This is because romantic comedy movies have the distinct characteristic of drawing people’s attention around the issues of the heart, in a light matter.

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Romantic comedy movies usually revolved on story-lines such as true love can beat all obstacles like in the movie 50 first dates where the girl has a mental illness and the guy should make her fall in love with him everyday, there is a person out there for you and you just need to look for them or try your best to with them like in the movie the proposal, faith can sometimes bring you to love unexpectedly like in the movie serendipity or sometimes a plot story about how people in different generation relate to each other like in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

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Some romantic comedy movies though would surprise you with their unique story plot like 500 Days of Summer that shows that attractive romantic comedy movie doesn’t have to always have a happy ending.It only shows that what you can get with romantic comedies are endless awesome plots.

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