The world of social media is increasing these days and with the fact that most people today want to get their things done on Social Media, so definitely social media has a good role to play in the future. The following fact could just amaze you for all time. In 2012, more than 63% of Online users visited more number of social media websites than something else. The size is ofcourse expected to be grown up by the end of 2013 as well.

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Top Social Media Platforms

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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Social Media is just becoming huge everywhere around with the effect of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are the most important and clickable social media platforms. Another thing that is growing over now is the Social Bookmarking where more and more people are engaging themselves and putting their stuffs online.

The Bottom line today is that Social Media and Social Media monitoring tools has really become big and huge and for business its the right place to get their business listed and get more products converted into sales effectively. Lookout for the following information graphic for a deep and inside insights on social media world.

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