If you wish to create an awesome infographic then you can follow the below given steps.

The very 1st step is to select a topic. One can make a selection of the topic by hunting various social networking sites and looking for the current events that also have high internet activity. The news across the globe can also explored and one can also select a topic that answers questions, explain a complex topic or even describe a process.

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The 2nd step in the process is the selection of idea. While selecting an idea one should consider points like will it made editorial sense for the site where it is published, is the concept easy to understand, are there any credible sources that will support the idea, after creation will infographic display something different and will it get you emotionally charged.

The 3rd step for creating an awesome infographic is research of content which should be done by using authoritative sources and by collecting legitimate and interesting facts. One can use government agencies, educational institutions and other online sources to research the content.

The 4th step is the editing of the information. While doing the edit work one should take care of points like defining and describing the focus of the topic, organising information in logical sequence, selection of interesting points and writing a connecting narrative. Various types of graphical data that can be used are maps, statistics, timelines and diagrams.

The 5th step is the visualization of the content that can also be considered as art illustration direction. While visualising the content one must create the mood by using a color palette, create a retinal excitement and have organic cohesiveness.

The 6th step is putting up of the pieces together for the final draft and make sure that all the content is presented in appropriate manner. The last and the final step in making of an awesome infographic is doing revision by checking and refining.

Step by Step Guide to Create An Awesome Infographic

Source: www.graphs.net