Affiliate Marketing is probably one of the biggest ways to earn online. Everyone knows the fact that Buying and Selling Online is one of the most preferable business, be it online or offline.

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Here are some of the steps on Which the entire Affiliate Marketing works

  • Affiliate Sign up: This is the first step wherein the affiliate marketer signup to a website having affiliate system.
  • Getting Affiliate Code: Now the next step after signup is to get an affiliate code for your products which you will be promoting at various places.
  • Customer Visit: Now once you get the code, you can do various marketing stuff to promote the link say like revising the product or going for PPC and so on. Over here the customer would visit the product page with the help of your affiliate link.
  • Storing Cookies: Most of the affiliate marketing website today store the details of the ad code in cookies so that even if the customer returns after sometime or days then the purchase made will be reflected on the affiliate marketer itself as a Genuine sale.
  • Customer buys: The customer finally buys a product using the ad code provided by the Affiliate marketer.
  • Got a Sale: Finally the sale is been made and marked as genuine and the affiliate marketer will get a genuine commission being made.

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So let us know what you think about the above step in generating a genuine sale with the help of Affiliate Marketing.

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