Madagascar is the only place on earth where you can see lemurs but how much do you know about this most fascinating of species? This infographic has been created to share some of the most interesting lemur facts and to raise awareness of the conservation efforts designed to protect this endangered species.

Using a fairly simple yet bold color scheme, ‘The Story of the Lemur’ looks at how lemurs actually arrived in Madagascar millions of years ago and the vast range in size between different species. There’s also a focus on the national lemur of Madagascar, the ringtail which is easily the most recognizable of all of the lemurs due to its unique long striped tail.

One of the most important aspects of the infographic is the focus on extinct lemurs and the conservation efforts that are already in place. Of the 103 lemur species remaining, 25% of these are endangered and 17 species are already extinct. It’s vital therefore that more people are aware of this fact and that they can see lemurs by visiting Madagascar and, at the same time hep drive ecotourism to help local communities and contribute funds to the maintenance of the nature reserves.

However the infographic ends on a positive note by pointing out that in July 2012 a new species of lemur was discovered. Hopefully this trend will continue and there will be a need for future infographics about new lemur species!

Story of the Lemur - Facts & What its all about?