Blogging is something that every person on the internet experiments with. With blogging trends taking a lot of change the most popular premium themes of WordPress are not any behind. Let us take a look at some of the themes of WordPress before choosing on the most appropriate one.

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The very first premium theme of WordPress is the “Expression – Creative WordPress Theme” which is perfect for photographers and available for a mere $45. Next comes the “Plusgrid – Creative Portfolio Theme for Multimedia” priced at $50 which is great for depicting color pictures and creative work. After this there are three full screen themes namely Storm, Digon and the Agera which are excellent for visual and audio work apart from being highly customizable.

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For all those looking for a minimal photography display it is best to choose the Spaceship theme priced at an affordable price of $40. Then there is the single page portfolio theme such as Viewpoint which is best for business or work related websites. If one wants a magazine style website then it is ideal to choose the Slabtheme which is absolutely easy to open even on a mobile. The businesses that have many products and services to display on the website should choose the Eunoia theme as it provides a stunning framework that supports many types of plug-ins.

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For website owners convenience the WordPress themes are available in three categories namely paid, free and custom themed ones. It depends on the requirement and the budget of the website owner to opt for the one that is affordable and also most ideal.

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