There are a LOT of reasons to pursue women that ride there own motorcycles. Biker chicks (as we like to call them) contain certain qualities that come with riding a motorcycle, enjoying the lifestyle, and biker mindset. Let’s take a look at some of my top reasons to date these biker women.

They love long and wild rides while wearing lots of leather, and have plenty of moxie. These women don’t have or need to carry a lot of extra baggage – just enough to carry on a motorcycle and ride off on a cheap date. They also dream of bigger and better motorcycles, and will not block you dreams of them too. You may even find yourself comparing just how much chrome is on your bike compared to hers, or how many modifications you currently have done, and want to do.

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Women that call themselves “biker chicks”carry a mindset that is different to those that don’t. It’s not placing a label on themselves and going with it, however, it is being part of something more. Something that not only can they identify with, but something that us biker men can identify with as well.

Some women prefer to ride sport bikes and other prefer to ride choppers or beggars. Me, I prefer to ride both and plenty others do too. I personally do not care what my friends that ride with me choose to ride; it’s that they do ride when it is time to go. The women friends that ride with me also ride a range of different styles of motorcycles. Again, it’s not what you ride, it is that you ride.

Not to drop too many quotes here but I thought that one more would send the point across just fine “Ride together, stay together.”

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To sum it up, for these reasons (and many many more) these motorcycle chicks are highly sought after. In my experience there are way more than 10 reasons to want to date a biker chick. However; you can only tattoo so many. Here are the Top 10 reasons that you will want to pursue dating a motorcycle girl (biker-chick) even if you don’t ride a motorcycle yourself.

Top 10 Reasons to date a Biker Chicks