Before making your final purchase of a double stroller there are many things you need to look out for. There are features and factors which make a double stroller either the best one you will ever own or the worst. Either way, a double stroller is a perfect item to have if you have twins or small children at different ages. A double stroller will make your life a whole lot easier. We have combined the things to look for when browsing for a double stroller and the things which set aside a top double stroller from a normal double stroller.

Look For What Suits You

When on the lookout you need to look for something that suits you. Do you want a double stroller that is made for twins or toddlers of different ages? Think about the purpose, when you will be using it the most and what for. There are double strollers which are called travel systems and allow you to transfer your baby straight from the stroller into the car. These have detachable car seats and are perfect if you travel a lot in the car. Consider what suits your budget as well.

Look For Comfort

Both you and your children will be using the stroller a lot. Look at strollers that offer extra comfort features. Choose one which has reclining options on the seat, adjustable handles so both parents can use it, easy steering and cup holders for you and the children. Look for seats that are padded well as this will change the way your children travel.

Look For Lightweight and Ease of Use

The weight and how easy it is to fold away is also another feature to look for. Make sure you check out the dimensions when it is folded down and have a look to see how easy it is to fold down. Most modern double strollers can be folded down with one hand. This is important if you store the stroller in the car or in a small space and is generally a deciding factor on whether you actually purchase the stroller or not.

Look For Safety Features

Safety is another top factor which makes a double stroller the best one. This is a significant factor. Look at the harnesses. They should be five points and tangle free and look for a double stroller that absorbs vibration and has the extra suspension to make the ride comfier for your children.


In conclusion, when choosing your double stroller, you need to consider a lot of things. There are many factors which will help you decide. Look for safety, comfort, weight, and extra features. Depending on your personal specifications, budget and needs for your children there are some amazing double buggies out on the market today. With a huge range of combinations, you will be spoilt for choice. Check for patented safety technology, strollers that have safety straps and ones that are easy to use.

Top 10 things to look for before choosing best Double Stroller