If you’re managing the activity of more than one Facebook page, balancing real time posts, interactions, and reports can be quite a juggling act. If you’re managing more than one Facebook page and taking on several Twitter and Instagram accounts, that juggling act can become much more like a car crash.

Clearly, social media managers need a good tool to successfully manage multiple social media accounts.

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With the constant stream of social media monitoring and engaging – combined with other responsibilities of a social media manager – it’s hard to dedicate adequate time to research social media management tools. In the interest of saving one’s sanity, many managers don’t bother with a courtship of these tools: these overworked folks just want to get to the altar. So they pick the management tool that they’ve heard about the most.

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While Hootsuite clearly has the largest market share of users, it was not the resounding winner of users’ feedback on ease of learning, usability, product direction, support, and meeting a business’ needs. In fact, in overall satisfaction ranking, Hootsuite placed third.

Surprisingly, it was Agorapulse, a social media management tool with considerably less name recognition that ranked first for overall user satisfaction. Ninety-eight percent of its users were satisfied with the tool (compared to 95 percent of SpoutSocial users, 92 percent of Hootsuite users, and 66 percent of Sendible users). Agorapulse also nabbed the number one spot for product direction, support, and meeting a business’ needs.

The findings in this infographic suggest that it may be prudent for social media managers to step back from the day-to-day responsibilities of the job to carefully research which social media management tool best meets the current needs of his or her workload, comfort level with new tools, business goals, and expectations.

Taking a shortcut in this tool selection process may result in more frustration in an already demanding position and result in poor social media outcomes. Devoting the time one needs to find a well-fitting tool can lead to greater efficiency and better social media results. And more often than not, better social media results can help a social media manager achieve greater prominence and trust within a company.

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