We’ve all met someone who seems to breeze through job interviews.

How do they do it?

It turns out the answer is much the same as for most things. You see research shows that it’s old fashioned hard work that makes more difference than anything else by far when it comes to success in job interviews.

The research found that 93% of success in interviews came from detailed preparation. So not confidence or charisma or all the other things that we had been led to believe would make a difference. It was just old fashioned hard work.

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The most amazing statistic is that only 1 in 10 people actually bother to spend two hours or more preparing for a job interview. So it looks like those people that seem to ace their interviews every time just spend more time preparing than the rest of us. Although the encouraging thing is that to put yourself ahead of your competition doesn’t require too much time. After all two hours is only one evening after work. That’s right by giving up one evening you can massively improve your odds of getting a new job.

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So having committed to putting in the work before your next interview where do you need to focus? The infographic below will show you how to properly prepare for an interview and also the key thing that you must do straight after your interview to increase your chances.

The key areas are:

1. Preparation

Get yourself well organised in advance of the day. Plan your route. Double check that your outfit for the interview looks very professional.

2. First Impressions

Practice how you will greet your interviewer. First impressions really do matter. Make sure that you greet your interviewer confidently. Give them a big smile and shake their hand firmly.

3. Show Energy & Enthusiasm

Employers a looking for people that will make an impact and drive projects forward. By showing large amounts of energy and enthusiasm they will see that by hiring you they would get someone who will make a real impact.

4. Research

Do your research. Make sure that you understand how your experience and skills fit with the role. Research the company and its industry and try to understand what the key challenges that they are facing are. Prepare some questions which will show the interviewer that you have done your research.

5. Demonstrate Your Attitude

Employers are looking for attitude as well as aptitude. Remember they will be looking for people of determination and with leadership potential. Think about things that you have done that will demonstrate this to them. It can be things that you’ve done outside work.

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