On 8th April nearly 13 years after the general release date, Microsoft will cease to support the Windows XP operating system. With 29% of PC users still running XP this is a major headache for businesses around the world.

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Below are the reasons you should be migrating from Windows XP.

Increased security risks

Come April 8th machines running XP will become sitting ducks for hackers potentially putting your entire network at risk. A security breach like this could have serious implications on your business from data loss to downtime effecting productivity and possible profit.

Compatibility issues

While XP was a good operating system it is not cut out to work with some of the latest advancements in IT this includes USB 3.0, wireless printers and 4K monitors.


Bring your own device (BYOD) is a huge priority for IT departments at the moment, the huge growth in tablet and smartphone adoption is forcing businesses to reconsider how they let employees use their own devices. If you are looking at implementing a BYOD scheme then you need Windows 8 which was designed for tablets and caters for users working on multiple devices.

The cloud

Another huge trend in the world of IT is cloud computing, no one can deny that cloud services are becoming more and more popular with both businesses and consumers. By sticking with XP you limit your ability to integrate with cloud services. XP is not optimised to work in a cloud environment and can suffer significantly from performance issues and a higher number of connection drops compared to Windows 7 or 8.

It’ll cost you

One thing is certain is that migrating from XP won’t come cheap – at a worst case scenario nearly 3 out of 10 machines will need upgrading. The cost of the licenses and man hours is going to need significant investment. This investment will have to come at some point in the future and the earlier this is done the earlier your business can recoup the costs and start benefitting from improved productivity and efficiency that the cloud and BYOD bring.

If Windows XP migration wasn’t at the top of your to do list then it should be now.

Top 5 Reasons why it's High time to Migrate from Windows XP

Source: www.insight.com