Ever wonder which Canadian universities should be on the Dean’s social media list?

All Infographic used its social media monitoring software to track the social media activity of Canadian universities, in order to find out who was the most social and who had the biggest influence on various social channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

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By monitoring Twitter and Facebook mentions (along with all page activity on those platforms, converted into a percentage share of voice of the top six schools), likes, followers, retweets, and retweet reach All Infographic was able to rank the country’s schools according to social influence.

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The University of Western Ontario ranked first overall, with the greatest proportion of Facebook and Twitter mentions, retweets, and second highest retweet reach.

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Since universities compete fiercely with each other for funding, rankings, and for prospective students, online and social media influence is increasingly important to not only their administration and faculty, but also their students who often feel a sense of pride over their school’s accomplishment.

Our regional champions included Simon Fraser University in the west, which had the fourth-most total mentions and sixth-highest retweet reach of all universities studied, and Memorial University in Newfoundland in the east.

Other noteworthy schools included the University of Waterloo, which scored well in total mentions, number of Twitter followers (it was No. 2 overall), and influence by both retweets and retweet reach, along with Ryerson which was third in overall mentions.

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York University and Carleton rounded out the top six in terms of total mentions, while U of T had the most Facebook likes, McGill had the most Twitter followers, Western had the highest influence by retweets, and U of T had the highest influence by retweet reach.

Top 5 Schools & Universities in Canada by Social Media Engagement

Source: www.mediamiser.com