Based on the reliability survey 2016, Toyota’s luxury division Lexus has broken the competition and captured five out of ten places in the top ten most reliable cars to buy in the UK but we are talking about top five actually, and in the top five cars there isn’t any Honda, Mazda, Vauxhall, Ford, or even BMW or Mercedes but Lexus and Toyota and only one place captured by Tesla. These top four positions are covered by just one company and they are very happy to capture the almost entire market in the UK where almost three Lexus’, on the top of the list.

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Developing Story

If we talk about the previous track record than we have noticed that Lexus has gained the reputation as in previous year, there were three Lexus models in the list of top ten reliable cars but this year we have turned up only five vehicles and out of those five, there are three Lexus models along with one Toyota. Only one place left for the rest of the world and that was captured by Tesla.

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The lord of the ring title goes to Lexus where the RX, IS and GS took 1st, 2nd and 4th places respectively. Third place also captured by Toyota and it is a Land Cruiser model. That clearly makes that statement that Toyota group has covered more than 80% of the entire competition and turn it into something different rather than a competition.

Why we choose the reliability score?

It is very simple that the reliability is a key to the customers and it is certainly believed that these reliable cars pose an impact on the used and secondhand cars market thus the spare parts market. This infographic will give you the basic information about the top five most reliable cars across the UK.

Lexus RX

The all new third generation of the Lexus RX has scored just under 99 percent on the reliability test which is very difficult to manage and models like the Mercedes S Class and BMW 3 Series are not standing even close.

Lexus IS Mk3

On the customer survey graphs, Lexus IS actually couple of fractions behind the LS model which has won the first position in the graph. the third generation Lexus IS MK3 has given its way into the world of reliable motors, managed to take the second position on the graph by beating the a rush of German competitors in the market.

Toyota Land Cruiser Mk7

With its hard working, un burst and capable engine, and a rugged unbendable body chassis, the Toyota Land Cruiser could also be somewhat historical university for the new models on this age of trendy SUV/crossovers

Lexus GS Mk4

It is the third Lexus in the top five most reliable cars in the UK, an extra position in probably the safest cars across the globe. It is a different Lexus and in the 4th slot, the GS is rivaling the goes the BMW 5 series and Mercedes E-class.

Tesla model S Mk1

With the 97.54 percent score on the reliability graph, Tesla model S secures the fifth position. The Tesla model S has pulled off somewhat as a coup. As well as its fifth position within the reliable top five cars to buy in the UK, the model S has scored the top position in more than one other classes too.

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