There are various types of myths that are related to tenancy agreements and in the below part of the article we will try to bust these myths.

One of the most common myths is that property cannot be rented without signing the tenancy agreement. But in actual, signing the tenancy agreement is not a legal clause and it is the decision of the landlord. Another rumor that is spread by the letting agents is that renewal of the tenancy agreement is mandatory before it gets expire. But in actual there is no legal requirement for the renewal of the contract to continue.

Clause for validity of the agreement for minimum of 6 months was valid before February 1997 but it is now no longer true. Another myth among the people is that tenancy agreements can be drafted only by the letting agents. But in actual, there is no legal guideline for it and one can purchase these agreements from anyone and can also download the free ones that are available online. One has to only consider that the agreement is drafted as per the recommendation of the law.

Another rumor that is spread by the letting agents so as to have benefit for their business is that these tenancy agreements needs to be filled in by the qualified professionals only. In actual this is not true and you can either purchase or get a free template and fill it on your own. If you do not know the process then you can take the help of the professional but if you are aware about filling the agreement then you can do on your own as well.

Inclusion of any clause is permitted in the agreement is another myth among the people. In actual, the clauses of the tenancy agreements are governed by the Unfair Contract Terms Legislation. One cannot add the clauses as per their own wish.

Top 6 Tenancy Agreement Myths Busted