Everyone says this thing that if you have a Facebook Page for your Business, you are one of the most powerful business on Social Media. But its not actually, the myth is absolutely wrong. Being a social media rockstar is influenced by several factors and several other social media platforms.

The reality is Social Media is a big market place where everything accounts for, and not just Facebook alone. Social Media has now become an effective place for B2B (Business to Business) operations. While if you are just publishing few status updates on Facebook and thinking your business will succeed overnight then you are definitely going wrong.

So its definitely time to grow up with rest of the social networks as well with our Social Media Universe.

Facebook – Most of the Business have started understanding the concept why social media is important for business and thus are on one of the most powerful social platform.

Twitter -The best ever social dominating portal which allows business to rethink on their keywords by allowing them to tweet about their service with just 160 characters. Over 25.3% Business are currently achieving high growth from twitter.

LinkedIn – One of the most Professional Business social portal wherein you find lots and lots of groups with huge bunch of professional aiming to help you for your project related stuffs.

One must not forget the most dominating and upcoming Social media portal which really affects the search engine rankings to a large extent is Google+ Plus.

Google+ Plus: The most dominating ever Google’s product which affect Business ranking on Search Engine Result Position (SERP) to a great extent.

You might not believe, but the social Media marketing has really become more transparent and even more attractive than the last year with thousand of new changes into the business. It also includes wide variety of new concepts and ideas along with innovative thoughts and thinking.

Women have always been an effective point in selling when it comes to having market for visually and emotionally attractive.

These visually attractive planets are

Pinterest – Better Market place for Visual images

Instagram – Popular Photo App making your images looks clean and better for sharing.

Some of the other most common and popular social media universe are over here with the following

Top Social Media Platforms

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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Top Major Planets of Social Media B2B Business Universe

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