No matter how many jumpers your wear, or homemade pina coladas you enjoy, there’s no better way to escape the winter cold than jetting off to a sunny destination for some good old nap time in the sun. We’ve scoured the world for seven scorching destinations and featured them in the following infographic, and isn’t the prospect so darn tempting.

First up there’s Sharm El Sheikh, with typical temperatures at around 18 degrees Celsius in February and 20 degrees Celsius in March. Malta, with nice weather all year round, the oldest known temples in the world and its fine crafts, particularly its silver filigree, blown glass, hand woven fabrics and handmade lace. Cancun, the lovely fishing village in the north-eastern part of the peninsula, with its clear turquoise water, sea fishing and amazing nature reserves.

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Dubai, the city that’s growing at an epic speed, with huge shopping malls and the worlds tallest building. Tenerife, with its stunning beaches and vibrant night life, whale and dolphin-watching, and “Jungle Park”: a world of adventure that features exotic birds, lions and meerkats among many other fascinating wildlife species!

The lesser known island of Cape Verde, located just off the coast of West Africa, with its many watersports, a submarine tour, a blend of Brazilian and West African cultures, Salt mine and stunning views. And finally there’s Marrakesh, with its boutique shopping full of water-sellers, potion-sellers, and carpet sellers, a palace museum, art galleries, and a whole host of other unique cultural phenomena to choose from.

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