Humans thinking towards aliens have always been like Ghost in the city. So far, we have come to the 21st century, but still there are some questions which are still unanswered which includes the fact that are we the only living creatures of our giant solar system.

However, argument and studies based on numerous research shows that lot of people have reported the viewing of Unidentified Flying Objects(UFO) in various parts of the world, of which the most common place is Texas City of U.S.

In the following infographic, we have demonstrated what all essential features are required for a planet to be called as safe for humans and for living. While, its a matter of fact, that most planets around Earth are actually considered a good place for living, but the only thing which makes them little bit less than earth is that of the Humidity and Temperature from the Sun.

Have you experience anything uncommon that could be a live example of the fact that we are not the only creature on our solar system. Do Share your story, if you have found something based on your research and documents with us in the commenting section.

Unanswered Fact: Are we alone in the Universe [Infographic]