What you prefer the most! A Freelancing Self employed work or a Full time job? I left my full time job from an international company a year back(2011) to stay home with some of my team mates and do what actually i had always loved to do. While working from home has always been a bigger advantaged for me since i had to take care of my parents along with my sweet little bro. So i can say, its 100% worth for me.

But, its not all great being a freelancer all the time, infact its the toughest when you basically start off just like me, with nothing in hand and there are many dry patches too along the road. Below is an awesome information graphic which will highlight some of the pitfalls of freelancing.

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Considering the fact that freelancing is not just the way to get big name in the future, we decided to combine our service with CINR Solutions, an Indian Startup managed to give the best service with respect to Design, Development, Mobile Apps(Android & iOS), Web Marketing(SEO, SMM & SMO). But then again, the decision is what matters, and luckily we were lucky to get the best out of their branding.

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However, there are many pitfalls in freelancing too, but leaving them aside, we also brings you out the best In-Demand Freelancing work which you can work on and get the most our of your creativity. You can also try Social Media and LinkedIn to bring you in more opportunities.

Let’s go ahead and look out where are the opportunities for us in the freelancing area in the following infographic.

Unseen World of Freelancers & Top 10 In-Demand Freelancing work

Source: www.MastersDegree.net