Vince Gilligan has had quite the career. But while most of us know him from Breaking Bad and the new series Better Call Saul, Vince has been writing successful television episodes for over 20 years. From The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen and all the way through to Better Call Saul, we broke down his prolific career in one easy-to-digest infographic. And then we added a tasty IMDB ranking of every episode for anyone with a Netflix account and a dream.

We found the following bits interesting / surprising:

1. The X-Files is still, by quite some distance, his biggest contribution to television writing from the standpoint of episode count. Vince wrote 30 episodes of the original show run, which accounts for more than an entire season’s worth of episodes and then some.

2. Not all of this most highly rated episodes (by IMDB score) were “Breaking Bad.” 6 of the top 14 rated episodes are X-Files classics.

3. A.M.P.E.D. stunk. Which is surprising, because the Spike TV pilot was the last contribution he made before launching what some consider to be the best television show in recent memory: Breaking Bad.

4. He’s only penned one episode of Better Call Saul. Sure, he is the creator and his contribution was the pilot, but based on how the show was marketed, I expected him to have written the majority of the show. Perhaps this will change in Season 2, which premiers on Feb. 15th, 2016.

5. Pretty much everyone loved the series finale of Breaking Bad, entitled “Felina.” I supposed I’m not surprised by the high grade, but more about it being a near-perfect 9.9. Series finales are generally polarizing. People have invested a lot of time into a show they love dearly and are often protective of the character’s ultimate fate. But critics and the audience alike seem to think “Felina” was the perfect ending to an amazing show.

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Aside from the distribution of episodes by series and the totaling of major career stats, we also included the complete IMDB ranking of Vince Gilligan’s writing credits. We felt compelled to add it, knowing full well it’s value to our fellow Netflixer’s. Use the 56 episode guide to shape the next couple months of your tv- binging life.

But feel free to leave out A.M.P.E.D. It truly does stink! But hey, we’re all allowed one or two (looking at your Night Stalker) missteps along the way!

Vince Gilligan - The man behind Breaking Bad Show