We have used our all our internal travel data to create an infographic that not only tells you what our top destinations are, or what the best hostel to stay in is but we wanted to create a visual diagram of information that demonstrates emerging trends that we have been noticed within the budget travel industry.

For example, over the past year there has been huge growth in bookings for destinations in Asia including Hanoi, Manilla, Tokyo and Penang, all of which have been named amongst the most popular places to visit in 2013.

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Furthermore, we uncovered some really useful travel information, one of which was which destinations are the best for Wi-Fi are across the globe. This is extremely useful if you’re one of those savvy travelers could not bare without a connection to the worldwide web for social media or even playing games with your friends from across the world!

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There is more great information if you’re a student or someone who is looking to travel on a budget as then we have created information on how long you could last on £100 in some of the top destinations, or in some that are the most value for money. So if you’re looking to travel, for adventure, or something to spark your travel imagination then this is the perfect infographic for your 2013!

What is Budget Traveller Trends in 2012-13

Source: www.blog.hostelbookers.com