Facebook is one of the best Social Networking world which provides awesome insights of everyone. While its an universal truth now that every single account created on Facebook is now worth at least more than $100. Facebook has taken the friendship to a next level with all level of possible interaction with everyone.

While, many people might just play around with Poking friends and sending friend request to random people to find out the possibilities of how many accepts it. However, it has already been noted that most of the time approx 80% of the people simply Confirm unknown as their friends on Facebook. But not many are among the list who are always particular about their security and therefore don’t allow strangers to get into their life.

According to the Research, it has also been shown that most Facebook accounts are between the range of age group between 18 to 24, which is absolutely understandable why Facebook is rocking like anything now. And infact after the Facebook IPO, now not just the company but also its accounts are altogether worth billions, which is really one of the largest and biggest valuation till date.

So Take a look on this infographic and let us know what is your Facebook Account worth. Also let us know what are the essential features you use in Facebook everyday to make your account good.

What Makes Facebook Account to be valued more than $115 Per Users