You’re most likely exposed to thousands of different logos every day, but how often do you think about the amount of work that went into creating them?

A logo is more than just a cute image you use to decorate your product or storefront. It’s the face of your entire brand. It will show up on practically every piece of marketing you company has: your website, press releases, maybe even on television. It also has the capacity to make or break your business. A great logo can attract a massive audience and get people to shower you with compliments on social media. A bad logo can earn you ridicule or anger, decrease your sales, or even drive you to bankruptcy.

The logo is often the first visual impression that a client or customer will receive of your company, so it’s important to make it a good one. But that’s not as simple a task as you might assume.


Logos are incredibly complex creatures made up of a lot of different elements, some of which might seem to contradict one another. A good logo has to be simple enough to be easily understood, but it also has to be unique and unusual enough to stand out in a crowd. It should appear bold and fresh, but it should also be timeless enough that it’s still relevant years from now. Creating a logo is a complicated balancing act with many different considerations.

This infographic illustrates all of the essential qualities that an effective, successful infographic should have. They range from relatively simple recommendations such as “focus on a single message” and “avoid clichés” to more advanced techniques such as employing the psychology of shape, color and typography.

It also includes considerations that you might not have immediately thought of if you’re not a designer. For example, a successful logo should look good in black and white as well as color, and should have a similar impact regardless of the size it’s scaled to. Whether you’re an aspiring logo designer, a seasoned veteran, or just someone interest in the process behind some of your favorite logos, you’re bound to find this graphic enlightening.

Why designing an Impressive Business Logo is important?