In present days, education has a great impact on maintaining healthier life style. The survey forecasts that there is a strong link between the level of education and life expectancy. Reports show that college graduates can expect to live 5 years more when compared to individuals who haven’t acquired a high school diploma. Education will reduce a range of health risks such as 2.2% of heart diseases, 1.3% of diabetes, aids in quitting cigarette and manages 5% of overweight.

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According to U.S Census Bureau survey and CDC survey, more than 174, 0000 of educated individuals in the United States aged between 25 – 74 years have rated their health has excellent, good or poor. Usually more years of education results in maintenance of proper health and children from low education background have been linked with poor vision, aggression, violence, lack of exercise,
inattention and hyperactivity.

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Education is one of the  most important thing in the world today, but studying in college is still worth? This is an important question now since lot of people now prefer studying themselves. Better education can sometime give you the best possible accommodation and chance to live in 10 best countries of world. Every high degree acquired by an individual increases his/her income by 11% and high income will help them in having rich nutritious food and safer home resulting in less health risks.

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Studying in college also now has played more emphasis as some college degree gives you more income than the others, thus it’s always important to choose the best college degree and career. In accordance to this, we decide off to give you the best list of Careers for top paid jobs by the year 2017. Do watch out for the following information graphics and find out how your Lifestyle is affected with your education.

Why Education Plays a Higher Role for better Lifestyle