Google has grown itself to be one of the most successful venture on this planet in the world of Internet. While its just a matter of fact that Google now is over-ratted more than a country. As of today, it earns more than the combined 29 poorest countries in the world. Also Whosoever who might know about the fact that Only 3 percent of Google’s income is actually from the sources other than advertising.

Google has been the master of advertising industry with just 2.5 billion dollars generated from the Mobile advertising industry itself. While Google Search Engine is just remarkable with the fact that the total time being spend by all people around the world in just a month is equal to 380 million years.

However, there has also been some of the critical stages where Google has severely hit, considering an instance, a Canadian company advertising its Canadian pharmacies product to American Customers Online and as a result it lead to sever disruption with the Google service and thus allowing the company Google to pay a remarkable fine of 500 million dollars to just one party.

So which Google Product you like the most out of Google, whether its Google Search or Google Advertising or Google Webmaster Tools or Google Cloud Storage? Do share your thoughts about your favorite Google Product and its features with us in the commenting section.

Why Google is the king of 21st Century Internet [Infographic]

Source: BusinessMBA