The World of Internet lies of various Browsers, but lot of browsers are actually making huge changes these days so that they can be compatible with the rest of the application and stuffs on the internet. While most of the people are now wiling to move on with the new language from HTML.

Also you might wonder, but its fact that in the coming months/years, the world will totally occupy all browsers to be running only on HTML5 pages only. However, lot of new stuffs and advantages are been listed out by HTML5 which makes itself to be one of the most global and useful and productivity language to work and create webpages.

However, most browsers have already started today working and supporting HTML5 and in future the list is expected to be more bigger soon. There are lot of new tags which makes programming and scripting useful and easy in HTML5, which is another addon advantage apart from supporting on variety of various other browsers.

So what would you do suggest to do with HTML5, either Application or some beautiful scripts, also share your experience with us? Do share your thoughts on what more you would like to see the updates in HTML5 with us in the commenting section.

Why HTML5 is going to be Future of all Browsers [Infographic]

Source: longtailvideo