Today is World Population Day and we are celebrating this awesome day by knowing some of the facts about our earth. It is always to take a look on the World Population stating that how it has reached 7 Billion population in quick time. While you might not believe that in the last 60 Years, the population has really grown to a large extent.

However, it is also expected that in the next 40 Years, the growth of population is also expected to be growing on a big note. We have also compared 1960’s Population with that of the 2011’s. While according to the U.N., it has been estimated that the World is going to witness a population of over 9.3 Billion.

Interestingly, you might wonder but more than 75% of the world population lives in over Coastal areas and over 68.7% population lives in the Urban areas which also means that people are now moving to Urban areas from Rural areas. While people of the world has been living with Peace and Harmony with everyone.

So what you are going to today in celebrating the World Population Day? Also let us know what are the things you are planning to do on this day to make this earth a beautiful place to live in.

How the Population went to 7 Billion in No Time: World Population Day

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